Metal bathroom accessories are a juxtaposition of practical tools and decorative elements that complement and beautify any bathroom. Made of metal, they are characterised by their robust construction, resistance to moisture and long-lasting durability.

They are distinguished by their minimalist design and precision finish, which allows them to adapt to different design styles - from minimalist and modern designs to more classic or ornate decoration. This category includes different types of accessories such as towel holders or paper racks.

Metal bathroom accessories not only serve a practical function, but also give your bathroom a neat and elegant look. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for a humid bathroom environment, while they are also decorative elements that add character to the space.A practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for lovers of elegant design who want to keep their bathroom tidy and give it a stylish statement. Metal bathroom accessories allow you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space for daily grooming and relaxation.

Model 588

Toilet paper rack



Model 495

Bathroom towel holder